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Originally Posted by ITD
Once again, if you really believe in Global Warming, which many people do, then stop driving your car(s), in fact permanently disable them so no one else can drive them either and stop using any fossil or organic energy that produces "greenhouse gases". There are enough of you that if you all did this and you are correct, we should see the results in 20 or 30 years. In the mean time don't bankrupt the rest of us.
I subscribe in the theory that dramatic global change is underway - specifically, the theory of a continued warm up followed by a rapid cool down. However, I do not subscribe to the theory that ceasing the use of organic fuel would turn around the problem in 20 or 30 years - or ever. In my view, the tipping point has already been passed. To use an old expression, there is no sense in closing the barn door once the horse has run away. I encourage oil consumption, and hope that our civilization moves past the fossil age as quickly as possible, and on to what ever energy source is next.
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