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Originally Posted by Acres per Second

Is the planet warming?
Just one degree increase (Celsius °) has a huge effect! It's already being seen at Mount Kilimanjaro and Glacier National Park. Something like 90% of Earth's glaciers are retreating, and nobody denies that the oceans are rising.

Is Humanity causing it?
We've taken half of the sun's energy that's been stored under the Earth for a billion years and transformed it into heat in less than 200 years.

(Like peat and coal, oil is fossil plant life—forget the dinosaur part.)

Is there anything we can do to stop it?
Emphatically YES! Twenty years ago, when this issue was first envisioned, there were several cures suggested.

The most intriguing one involved placing a rotating reflectorized mylar spiderweb-like wheel into space between Earth and the Sun. The problem was that how—and when—do you remove it?

Should there be concern?


1) Mother Earth is very resilient: One study indicated that Earth was once covered in ice—a snowball. In the Cosmos, that is a death sentence for a celestial body, as nearly all a sun's rays are reflected back into space.

2) There are indications that the rate is increasing; otherwise, we and Mother Nature can just "take the ride". Some inhabited island-countries in the Indian and Pacific Oceans may become uninhabitable in our lifetimes. OTOH, new islands are being created in our lifetimes.

3) In 1999, Popular Science magazine stated, "Global Warming is a fact": They're not a sky-is-falling publication.

First, we should acknowledge Global Warming as fact.

Sorry Aps,

Whenever anyone says words like "fact" to describe theories I begin to worry. "I remember" the experts used to talk about carbon dioxide emissions causing global COOLING and how we were going to cause the next ice age. I also remember predictions of the swine flu epidemic, and how we were going to run out of oil in twenty years (by mid 90's).

The Mann hockey stick data used to prove Global warming is seriously flawed.

Once again, if you really believe in Global Warming, which many people do, then stop driving your car(s), in fact permanently disable them so no one else can drive them either and stop using any fossil or organic energy that produces "greenhouse gases". There are enough of you that if you all did this and you are correct, we should see the results in 20 or 30 years. In the mean time don't bankrupt the rest of us.
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