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Let me qualify this statment by saying that I do not consider myself to be a tree hugger as it would normally be defined. I drive an SUV that gets ashamedly bad mileage, especially when I have my roof rack on. I am also a registered, and in all but a few rare circumstances, a voting Republican. But I do consider myself a lover of nature and the natural beauty that NH is so lucky to have alot of. Many of you are correct that the world has experienced many changes in temperature trends. However, anyone with a basic education in geology and global climate change is aware that in following these trends, it is very important to look back over millions of years, not the difference between 1921 and 2006. The changes that have taken place in the last hundered or so years have been much much much more rapid than the changes that changed landscapes on the earth hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago. To outrightly dismiss global warming is, in my opinion, and that is all this is, a little irresponsible to future generations. Both for those interested in global warming, and those convinced that its not happening, I'd really suggest auditing a geology class that deals with global climate change at a local college. During my undergrad years, I found it pretty refreshing from political science, and as a current law school student, I would probably find just about anything refreshing from property and contracts.
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