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Originally Posted by Major View Post
Sorry for the misquote Joey. I've lived full time in SD/LB since 2008, and part time since 2001. I have to admit, I've seen sketchy people from time-to-time at the basketball court near the entrance of South Down late at night. However, I am not aware of ANY crime in SD/LB. I'm sure there have been instances, such as your break-ins, but for the most part, SD/LB is a crime-free community. I feel extremely safe.

Much like politics, I don't think either side is going to win over the other side. From my perspective, I hope funding for Phase III never materializes. I think the WOW Trail's $5-10 million estimate is absurdly low. There are issues with the stretch between Pickerel and Perch Ponds, as well with navigating under the Weirs Beach Bridge. Who knows, maybe the litigation will force a compromise. Stranger things have happened.
Absolutely agree with the costs and potential construction pit falls at Perch and Pickerel Ponds. Just for interest sake pass by the parking lot underneath prides point late at night you will be surprised by what you can see. I have been a part time resident since 2006 but moving on now to a different location, its getting too crowded in there for me. Incredible the amount of new homes being built there.
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