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Originally Posted by Major View Post
Jeff, to quote a great American presidential candidate "at this point in time what difference does this make." Whether crime was more or less prior to the WOW Trail has no impact on what it is now. We know that between 2010 and 2016, a six year period, there were 132 reported incidents that required police investigation. Some were very serious. My suspicion is that crime was less prior to the WOW Trail since the use of opioids has exploded the last several years. However, this is just a guess.

Woodsy, you think SD/LB is a "wealthy" community? I agree it's very nice, but for the most part the condos are very modest and most of the homes are modest. No one is going to confuse SD/LB with Governor's Island or Grouse Point for that matter. The primary reason why SD/LB is gated is because the residents like to drive golf carts. That's one of the reasons why the roads were never turned over to the City.
It was Joey not Jeff who made the crime comment and you validated my point. You can have all the suspicion you want but there is no trail as of yet in SD/LB and I have been broken into and witnessed many drug interactions. I seriously doubt the trail will cause and increase as the area is extremely accessible via the rail tracks and the codes to the gates are the worst kept secret in Laconia. My point being crime really is not an arguing point not to have the trail go through SD/LB
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