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Both my parents worked at the college from almost the beginning to end, dad did carpentry and maintenance and mom cleaned the houses.

I was young back then but remember it pretty well. There were several houses used as dorms and each one had a person or couple living there as adult supervision. Don't remember all the names but a few have stuck.

Let me tax my brain a little.

A little ways up Bean Road on the right was Baker house. Ernie Tatro and his wife were the caretakers; pretty sure he worked at the school too, maybe as a bus driver. I think the second house from the corner of Bean Road was Rains house; Winifred Hardy was the house mother there. The Garnet Inn was known as Kale House and was also the cafeteria.

The Coe house was the female dorm and was attached to the maintenance shop and the barn where the rowing sculls were stored.

The local policeman was Art Egar, everyone called him double bubble because of the blue lights on the car.

My dad worked with Earl Wing, Bob Judge and his dad Pop Judge. They fixed and built things. Most notably a library up on the hill sort of behind the main office building; it's still there as far as I know. Their boss was Dan Fletham, who was also a part time judge.

I'll try digging thru some stuff for old pictures but cameras were a rare thing to have around back then.
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