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Default As one who graduated from HS in 1963...

Originally Posted by thinkxingu View Post
Yes, in 1998 they changed the "official" dates. In my experience, the draft, in '69, was the moment the major antiwar sentiment, and "draft-dodging," began.

Besides, why are you so hell-bent on this critical notion?
... and had one classmate in my class die within two years of our graduation, and two classmates in the class (64)behind me who also died within 2-3 years of their graduation, I assure you that Viet Nam was very real in the 60's.

Personally, I dropped out of college in December 1966, entered the Air Force Reserves in Dec 1966 and entered active duty in March 1967. Two weeks after I entered the Reserves, I received a notice from Selective Service saying that the had a spot for me and to report to Boston Army Base in January. After a quick trip to the Draft Board in Wakefield MA, I received a "disregard our previous communication" letter. Phew!

I can't comment on why Belknap College was founded, but I can assure you that Viet Nam was very real for many years before 1969.
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