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Some wish to rewrite history.
Some look back on time with nostalgia.

Belknap College was a real college.

But it was set up to profit from the Vietnam War.
There are a few still around whose names will remain anonymous.
A pair of brothers owned a local establishment. After "graduating" from Belknap College. I knew both brothers from childhood.

I recall stopping in a rented building on College Road. while one of the brothers was living there attending Belknap College. Bunch of guys and some gals. While there another Belknap College student shows up. Wearing an old trench coat. And he asked if anybody wanted anything. He was asked what does he have. He opened his trench coat and all sorts of tablets, weeds, etc. in little baggies in various quantities. All for sale. That gentleman still lives in the area and is now a "fine upstanding" citizen of the area.

Yes, we do look back on history with nostalgia. And some enhance history also.

Times were simpler then weren't they? And times were also innocent back then, right?

Be kind to history. Do not burst anyone's bubble of the good old days.

Every time I see that "historical" marker in Center Harbor, I just laugh.
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