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Originally Posted by chipj29 View Post
I am on Rt 3A in Bow daily, as I live nearby. I typically get off at Exit 10 which is around 4:30PM each day. The stop light in Hooksett Village can be miserable. It usually takes 20 mins to go the 8 miles up 3A (a 5 min drive on 93). Going north on 3A from my house sometimes takes 15 mins to get to Exit 12 in the afternoon, which is a 3 mile drive, thanks to the stop light by Grappones in Bow.

End to end (Exit 10 to Exit 12) on 3A can take 20-30 mins. I would not want to sit on that road to avoid paying a $1 toll and add 10-20 mins to the drive. I only take it because I have to.
If people are taking the back roads to evade the tolls as BroadHopper claims, it doesn't seem like it's worth it. But, that's a personal choice. What I do know for sure is that since New Hampshire introduced EZPass in 2005, the toll revenue for the entire turnpike system has increased:

2005 - $65,956,309
2006 - $77,773,358
2007 - $82,318,730
2008 - $100,448,444
2009 - $104,672,894
2010 - $116,568,154
2011 - $116,749,990
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