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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
All the years I have been commuting between the lakes Region and Nashua, I always take 3A through Bow to avoid the Hooksett tolls. Before EZPass i did not do that. After EZPass, it was getting expensive driving thru Bedford and Hooksett tolls twice a day. Sometimes I would drive 3A thru Litchfield to avoid the Bedford tolls. Driving thru Merrimac was a nightmare!

I found a number of folks commuting between Concord and Nashua following the same route.

I know of lake folks that use to drive to Concord to 393 to 106 to Gilford or 4 to 28 to Alton before EZPass. These same folks would get off the Hooksett toll to 28 to Alton. The Concord route via Rte 3A to Bow.

One nice feature is the Bow liquor store has access from 3A.
I am on Rt 3A in Bow daily, as I live nearby. I typically get off at Exit 10 which is around 4:30PM each day. The stop light in Hooksett Village can be miserable. It usually takes 20 mins to go the 8 miles up 3A (a 5 min drive on 93). Going north on 3A from my house sometimes takes 15 mins to get to Exit 12 in the afternoon, which is a 3 mile drive, thanks to the stop light by Grappones in Bow.

End to end (Exit 10 to Exit 12) on 3A can take 20-30 mins. I would not want to sit on that road to avoid paying a $1 toll and add 10-20 mins to the drive. I only take it because I have to.
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