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Originally Posted by NoRegrets View Post
There are many pontoon boats on the lake. There are plenty of "smaller" crafts that venture out to all areas of the lake as well. You will learn the limitations of the equipment and your comfort level as you gain experience. (People have crossed the Atlantic in a row boat)

You can rent 18 or 20 foot bowriders or different pontoon boats (25 hp to 150 hp) from Irwin Marina to test your thinking about what you may want to own. You can also spend time with the sales staff but you will get limited operation experience.

The excitement of having an idea of wanting something, going through the rationalization process, then commiting to a purchase is a real thrill. Good luck and keep us posted on your adventures!
Thank you. Funnily enough, I know the woman that has crossed both the Atlantic and more recently, the Pacific, solo, in a rowboat (Roz Savage). She'd probably laugh at my fear of The Broads.

You are right, this has been a purchase a year in the making now. I have owned a Bizer chart and study it. Getting ready to act is very exciting.

I'm thinking we'll be happiest in a smaller bow rider for now, sticking to Mirror Lake and close to shore on Winnipesaukee until I have more experience.

I really appreciate all the advice.
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