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Default Liked the Christmas Shop but really LOVED TRUES

Originally Posted by NHKathy View Post
Oh, I remember True's - we loved that store!
Funny how those of us who go way back at the lake remember some of the old places that are now long gone. I had a daughter (now 40) who worked at Trues one summer during high school (and spent more than her paycheck on clothes there). I would take Mom to St Charles where Church Landing is now and we all loved Franken Sundae. Long long time ago there was a restaurant on the corner of rte 3 and rte 25 where we would go for spaghetti. I sure would love to have things stay the same in some areas but always adjust to the new things. Trues is pretty hard to replace though. I am sitting here looking at a fleece robe that I got there! I miss them. I also loved to go through the Christmas shop there and found an occasional decoration. Wonder what will be there now? I agree that maybe the Church Landing group may have a use for it but maybe not. They have so many places already. I love Winnipesaukee and anything that has to do with that wonderful Lake!!
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