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Originally Posted by MAXUM View Post
To all the nay sayers.... REALLY!?! You can't be serious....

I'm curious as to why there is such an outcry over this. The whole point of the boater education course is to educate people of ALL ages. I fail to understand why being educated is a bad thing? I'm trying to distill what possible harmful affects the boater education class may have and at the moment I see no down side at all. Matter of fact I see a whole lot of benefit from this as most kids probably don't fully comprehend the responsibilty of operating a boat no matter the size or HP. They may not also know the basic rules of the road or understand what manditory equipment they should have on board when out on the water.

No I see this as a few people getting thier panties in a bunch all because SBONH happens to endorse the idea and has nothing to do with the public benefit that could result.
I don't think you understanding what is going on. Nobody is arguing against the boater education part of this bill. I think that everybody should be able to take the course and receive a certificate.

This legislation would also take the privilege of operating a boat away from everyone under the age of 12.

And this not only applies to Winni but all over New Hampshire.
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