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Originally Posted by BroadHopper View Post
From what I hear Gunstock is bogged down by the county commissioners.
Gunstock is out of the hands of the county commissioners. Gunstock has its own board and are not under the control of the county commissioners. Thats why Gunstock (or as we call it at my house the Rock) has been so profitable.

Oh here it is. Taken from Meredith BOS meeting mins of 8/16/2010

The County took a bond issue for Gunstock over ten years ago. Gunstock makes a payment to the County on an annual basis in the amount of $150,000, and pays the County a percentage of its annual income, which was $160,000 last year. Gunstock has met all obligations to the County. They are paying the County in excess of what they are required to pay as a result of the bond issue.
Thank you Gunstock management! You Rock (no pun intended)
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