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Originally Posted by chipj29 View Post
I agree on 95% of your post. The only part I disagree with is the part I bolded about a chilly rain. It certainly won't be a warm rain, but temps should be in the 60's for the most part. But rain is rain, and rain we are gonna get!
We've had 0.37" today at Black Cat, and 50 degrees is as high as we've been all day. The warm front remains to our south. When I saw the forecast situation on the map I was torn between going for the 60-degree rain or the upper-40s rain ("hypothermia weather"). Going by normal October climatology I would've gone with the warmer solution but I've been watching abnormal cold features on the maps since July. So I chose to look at the warm front the same way I would look at it in winter and gambled on "it's not going to pass quickly."
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