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Default ..... moored out front the neighbors

Originally Posted by AC2717 View Post
SO my question becomes ..... isn't it true that current boats cannot swing off a mooring or be docked over the property line of a neighbor? wouldn't this hold true in this situation, especially because of property lines already established, and there are slips under that pier that boats went into that kept them on the pier's side of a property line.

I truly believe that property owner and the owners on that street have a legitimate complaint in multiple aspects
The Marine Patrol typically asks to get written consent from the neighbor saying it is ok with a neighbor's boat moored out front on the property line between their home and their neighbors, swinging around on a mooring, depending on the wind.

It comes down to whether or not the neighbor is ok with seeing a lot of their neighbor's boat, out front. It is subjective, and some boats just look better than others ...... like a graceful sailboat vs a barge-restaurant?

Having it there for almost 24-7 probably makes even the best looking boat become an eyesore ..... unless it is your own boat .... and then it is totally beautiful!

If The Dive were not parked there for hours and hours and days and days ..... it would be an open and uncluttered view of open water going out for about a mile to Governor's Island and the right side of Weirs Bay ..... but what you got is a 24' wide x 62' long x 20' tall barge restaurant bar blocking the natural view.

Besides the view issue, there is a zoning issue too, because it changes the use from recreational to commercial. Commercial use stops at the property line, there, and The Dive is way over the line.
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