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Originally Posted by Lakesailor View Post
You having to pay NY taxes on your bill would not surprise me. Most people having never lived in NY have no idea how high the taxes etc are in NYS. Much higher than Mass., no comparison. Only Calif. could possibly rival NY taxes. If you have to pay NYC or Yonkers taxes or both, you are getting pummelled from all sides. It's like you're just hoping for survival. Ask anyone who has ever lived there.
I worked on a payroll application and was astounded to see the numbers of possible taxes that were potentially payable in both New York & California. In addition to the standard Fed, State & Town property taxes, were separate Town, Township, water district, school district, and others. I think I found one location in NY or CA that had 7 separate taxing entities for which payroll system would have to calculate and/or report to.
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