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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
The standard six gallon boat gas tank with the big handle on top weighs about 40-lbs, and the Mobil Gas and convenience store across from the Meredith town docks is close enough. It also has 92-octane, coffee, an atm, a bathroom, the NY Times and the LaDaSun. No $3 atm surcharge fee for MVSB customers.

Right now, regular gas is something like 2.55/gal.

Any other car gas stations close to a public dock like this one?

So, what's the difference between car gas, and boat gas? Oh ...... about $1.25.
Actually there is. Gas docks typically sell mid grade gas (89 octane) and it is also treated with stuff like Starbrite for the ethanol. Does that fully explain the price difference, no, but they also have to make a little $$ too.

89 octane "car gas" is running right around $3.00 per gallon on average.
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