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Originally Posted by Poor Richard View Post
Regarding reliability.....I'd simply look at the broken Seadoo's compared to the broken Yamaha's on CL and go from there. You will see that many of the broken Seadoo's are 10yrs or newer whereas many of the broken Yamaha's appear to be 15yrs or older.
I'd searched over the summer, and it seemed like there was an equal number of machines for sale, but most of the older ones were Sea-Doo. I couldn't tell if that was because they were broken or had outlasted others or it was a numbers game.

I did start searching rental places, and on Winni it's 50/50 whereas elsewhere--in my quick search--it looks like 75/25.

My sense of things from a lot of reading is that the difference today isn't as dramatic as it once may have been and that when looking at simpler machines, it's probably more about maintenance than design.

I think at this point it'll be about how it feels to sit on it, the features, and the final price.

Side note: I posed this question to my association, and almost everyone has a Sea-Doo from DaSilva's with zero negatives to report, and many of them are early 2000 models.

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