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Default Had me worried for a moment

Originally Posted by Seaplane Pilot View Post
As Tilton pointed out, sunglasses will allow wind to creep through by the nose and around the sides. Goggles seal out the wind. You can get the lenses tinted or untinted, depending on your preference. For footwear, I use a Speedo water shoe. Other than your feet, you can pretty much stay dry as long as you pay attention and maneuver properly around big waves. If you plow straight through them, you’re gonna get wet.
Seaplane Pilot, you had me worried for a moment. I was glancing through your post and missing the first two words in the sentence, I read "...I use a Speedo..." and then saw water shoe. Erasing the Speedo image from my brain (as feeble as it may be), I then read the sentence in total.

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