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Originally Posted by noreast View Post
I agree, I fully except I'm a hypocrite. I justify it by telling myself that a Bass would eat it's child, while a cat, dog or bear will fight you to the death. If someones hunting with dogs to feed there family I wouldn't say a word. I like a "sport" where the underdog has a chance to win. Right or wrong I questions anyone's character that kills "in pursuit of happiness". It was lawful to kill a human at different points in time as well, The Romans loved it. I just hope we can evolve. All my friends are hunters so you can question my integrity also.
Not exactly on point, but...

I have fished off and on most of my life always preferring to eat what I caught; but I also did catch and release. My life-long dream was to retire on a lake, stand on my dock and catch fish. Thirteen years ago we purchased our Winni property and very soon I was on my dock at 5 am and caught a small bass. I could not properly remove the lure and the fish died. I decided I could never do this again and have not.

This is in no way a criticism of either of the posters. Sometimes right and wrong is not black or white and ethical decisions are often those of conscience.

Legality and morality is a whole different discussion.

Back to normal programming...that is a beautiful photo of a beautiful creature.

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