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Originally Posted by noreast View Post
If you can kill it with your bare hands you can keep it, otherwise stay home, using dogs to kill bears or cats, is pathetic. Like I said in another thread, If you're not going to eat it, don't kill it. There's nothing more disgusting than a trophy room. And yes I use to hunt. Now just TRY to fish mostly.
You're entitled to your opinion but if a state's wildlife department deems it lawful to hunt cats or bears with dogs, then it is legal and part of a tradition that began long before us or our Grandfathers for that matter.
I don't use dogs but have no problem with those that do so, legally.
Is dragging a worm or lure through water with all kinds of modern, electronics, down riggers, sonar, fish finders, etc. any different? I don't think so.
Pursuing happiness in life takes many lawful, forms...
That's called freedom.
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