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Originally Posted by Pineedles View Post
Who would have thought we would still be battling the establishment 50 years later.
I was thinking the very same thing reading some of these threads awhile back.

Fact is, the Boomer generation make their parents look like ultra radicals by comparison The constant need for conformity and moderation, is quite strange from a group that was brought up in an age of diversity and cultural vision. The ultimate irony is the uniform conformity that some of these groups want.

If you have any degree of individualism left, think about it. Different and Visionary used to mean good things. People used to use terms like Fruit and nutter and hippie and tree hugger as derogatory terms. Now those same folks have rebelled and are very PC conscious. Politics aside, they come from all political persuasions. Both Dems and R's were involved in the lake taming. They paddle kayaks and canoes, run sailboats, and attend wine and cheese festivals. Their children frown on many things as well. Motorcycles are bad, bikes are good. God help you if you don't slow your car to a complete stop when Muffy and Buffy go flying through a stop sign on their new Trek bikes en route to some garden show.

It's funny to watch in real life, as both Muffy and Buffy would cut you off at any chance they get in their own car. And let's not forget Archie the right winger. He's all for slowing people down and treating everyone with courtesy, but he views this as America darn it, and we can do as we please. Right up until he gets in his own boat or car. Then Clear the Way for Mr. Selfish. Maybe he owns a bar and over-serves people, maybe even boaters. That certainly doesn't mean he can't come online and trash those very same people that make him wealthy. No sir.

The real problem, Pineedles is not the establishment, per se. It's how bad and corrupt the Establishment has become. It's far worse now that the boomer generation, and their kids, have become far worse than when we "didn't trust anyone over 30". Far worse. Social engineering on a massive scale.
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