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Originally Posted by Pineedles View Post
I like reading LP's replies. They may be long, but they are intelligent thoughts put to "paper".
I enjoy them myself.

Getting back to the first post in this thread.....

Aside from the fact that everything the offending wave make did was illegal......Remember when it was OK to call an arsehole an arsehole?

Remember when Grumpy Old Men was a movie, and not long term idiots that became curmudgeons living near a lake?

Does anyone remember when people that lied to townsfolk would be run out of town on a rail?

Does anyone remember when we'd just go out in the boat and run around, possibly to visit friends, possibly to travel nowhere in particular? Just to be on the water, with whomever was there, or no one at all.

What's lacking today is not common interests. Not agreement, we'll never have more or less of that. What's lacking is character, honesty, humanity. LS really does have a point, several in fact. I live next door to someone that couldn't ever possibly be happy, ever. "Nothing's Right" is his favorite saying. Life's too short to live like that IMO.

You just keep enjoying yourself and do what you do LS.
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