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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
Take a trip back to 2005 and read what was said about speed limits on this forum. Notice that speed limits have "no chance" and "will never pass" and are "just a joke". You will also notice yours truly making the EXACT same arguments I make today, and every one of them the truth.
BI, the SL versus HP and/or displacement restrictions is an entirely different beast.

I will say it now, if you want to ban a certain class or size of boat, using Hp or other means to achieve that goal (much like the SL) is sleazy and misleading.

You ignore my posts about erosion and water quality. You and your neighbors properties do more damage to water quality and erosion than boats but yet you don't acknowledge it or are willing to do anything about it. Where does the septic water go from island properties, please enlighten me.

Remember this EVERY time you see the man made beaches...... I have three friends on the lake and have seen one of their neighbors buy bags of sand and dumps them on his beach at night. So you have to reconcile the shorefront owners water quality and erosion impact hypocrisy before you even think about mentioning a boat. Do you think man made beaches are natural and don't add sedmiment into the water?

Island dwellers have tons of higher Hp boats. I know several island properties that actually have 26-28 ft cruisers too. Interesting is watching the island residents violate the 150 ft rule coming into and leaving their docks. There is a Pro-Line on the south side of Rattlesnake who does it almost every time coming and going and he's not alone.

If you want to impact the size of boats on Winni you will impact every marina and boat dealer in the State of NH. If the State's largest lake were to have a restriction, then how would you not claim it was needed Statewide? Don't expect to have the support of marinas and the boating industry. Some marinas are filled with cruisers and some of them hardly ever leave their "home port". The slip, maintenance, and storage fees for those boats are huge. Oh yeah, let's not forget all the marinas where people own large slips who would now have a worthless investment. You can divide a 35 ft slip into two 20 ft slips either so reconfiguring the slips is a non-starter as well....

I seriously want this to be brought forward as it will define the lake one way or the other as the SL has already been a lightening rod. It won't impact me and I suspect you'll lose this battle. Please bring it forward as it will start peeling back the onion on people like you with similar views. I will say it again, a size restriction won't happen and I want you to spend your time trying to make it happen.

Personally, if I was going to spend huge money on a big cruiser I would get bored on Winni. However, the wakes from these boats are not the menace and the exaggerations are just silly. I know when I am out on my boat it does not match the pandemonium portrayed on this forum.

You are willing to permit the Mount, which circles the lake all summer multiple times per day to throw wakes, but want to ban individual boats. So do you want to prevent wakes erosion or not?

You posted in the 2005 thread about a child being knocked over by a wake. It appears you love red herrings. If a child is that small to be "knocked over" (assuming this really happened) then they likely should not be allowed that far in the water. Go to the beach and I guess you can blame aircraft carriers for causing waves and knocking children over in the surf. Perhaps you should call the Secretary of the Navy and have a few words with him

Why did you buy a camp on an island surrounded by water but yet you hate the way the lake has operated for decades? Your escapades and the things I have seen you post shows me you will never be happy or fulfilled. I was involved in a research study (still ongoing but I am no longer involved with) where we measured cardiac parameters while placing patients in "stressful" situations and could easily elevate their blood pressure and other blood markers. I can't imagine what it must be like for some of you who sit at the waters edge and seem miserable. If you want calm, go to another lake. Winni is a huge lake, not a pond.
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