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Originally Posted by lawn psycho View Post
I don't know where you guys are getting your assumptions but there are a lot of 350 and 454 cu in motors on boats. TONS of them.

Should someone try and pass a Hp or boat displacement limit, it would then have to be written to exempt certain vessels like the Mount Washington. However I suspect you would then be violating commerce laws as you would then be granting a monopoly to a single business.

This has no chance of happening and I hope the "Miserables" take up this cause and try and get a bill sponsored. I seriously want to see someone try and bring it forward.

BI and the gang now have a credibilty issue based on statements during the SL debate.....
Sometimes you need to read the fine print.

"A 300 horsepower limit on non-commercial boats manufactured after 2012"

My proposal does not include any boat now in existence, or commercial boats.

Take a trip back to 2005 and read what was said about speed limits on this forum. Notice that speed limits have "no chance" and "will never pass" and are "just a joke". You will also notice yours truly making the EXACT same arguments I make today, and every one of them the truth.
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