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Originally Posted by VtSteve View Post
A HP limit of 300 would definitely get you closer to Golden Pond BI. Would you recommend special exemptions for island dwellers? Many bowriders and cuddies would not make the 300 hp cut, and would probably limit the boat size to as much as an underpowered 24' boat. Although, Sea Ray has been known to sell 26' pocket cruisers with underpowered small blocks.

The trend now is towards diesels and outboards.

I can only imagine how the LR economy would deal with such a limit. The marinas and boat dealers would be the first hit. Since many have the agenda to limit lake access, trailer boating isn't all that much fun either. Then you'd have island people trying to get their belongings out for the summer with underpowered boats.

At least you've been honest about your agendas BI, you want to eliminate 2/3 of the boats on the lake, instead of concentrating on a small niche group. If the SL folks presented their case and reasoning honestly, people would have known that it was a takeover.

No rafting
No overnighting
no HP over 300
More and more No Wake Zones
45 mph daytime speed limit

All of these regulations, and a skeleton crew of Marine Patrol to enforce the laws, and keep up with the drunks. Winni is starting to sound like a small pond.
I own a 280 hp bowrider (now you know where the number 300 comes from) and a 15 hp aluminum. I also have a kayak, a canoe and a homemade human powered pedal cat. My favorite kind of boat to operate is a PWC but I don't own one right now.

Steve, I think you are a little confused about island dwellers. My bowrider is probably the fastest boat on the island and I only know of one island boat that has more horsepower than mine.

You can't seriously think that 2/3 of the boats on the lake are over 300 hp. That is just nuts. My guess would be under 5%. Anyway the law I would like to see will not remove ANY boats from the lake. I think you missed that point. It would also, over the years, create more work for marinas and boat re-builders as older, high HP boats became more in demand. There will still be sales of high HP boats except they will be used boats.

If you don't think 300 hp is the right number then fine, make it 350, 400 whatever you like. Boat prices tend to jump when you move past a single prop outdrive. I think that is a logical place to make a cutoff point. By the way, I only know of one boat on the island with more than one prop.
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