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Originally Posted by Bear Islander View Post
This is a perfect example of why the lake needs a 300 horsepower limit on non-commercial boats manufactured after 2012.
1. You seem to hate everything about boats on Winni? You should seriously consider moving as you must be a miserable _____.

2. Take a cruise around BI. See all those houses sitting close to the shore? Where do the go to the bathroom? How many of those houses have beaches that they added?
You want to protect water quality? Tear downing your friggin house and have Ms Helve do the same. Put your money where you mouth is.

3. Under 300 Hp? MUUUUWAHAHAHAHA. Good luck with that. Different animal than the speed limit. This is one were the marinas and boating industry will squash you. My 22 ft boat has a 320 Hp motor and any less it would be underpowered.

4. You seem to like to pull things out of thin air (or certain orifices) but since the 45 MPH limit was arbitrary why not make the limit 299.7345 so the number matches the random nature of numbers you use?

Oh yeah, you can take the same displacement motor and increase the Hp above the plate rating and it's not big money to do right from the factory

Horsepower has no correlation to wake but then you where never one to care about factual data anyways....

Sure, go after the larger boats with bigger displacement (as in weight, not engine displacement). You think the marinas who get $$$$$$$$$$$$ from those boats that sit mostly tied to their docks all season are going to lay silent on this? I think even you know better but go ahead and try so I can get some popcorn and watch as you, Sandy, EL, APS, et al wage this battle. It will be good entertainment.

There is also an organization already up and running that won't have to play catch-up if you and you ilk are foolish enough to get the ear of a legislator and throw a Hp bill into the pile

The lake water quality is waiting for you to call the wrecking ball company. We're waiting....
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