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Not sure if anyone was at the sand bar outside Small's Cove this saturday, but a marine patrol officer came driving in going to boats handing out flyers regarding the no rafting rule and keeping 150' from shore. He didn't stop at my boat, I was on the outside near the no wake buoy if you are familiar with the area. I noticed him go to a boat that wasn't to far from me and explained to them that they were too close to shore. The only problem was that the other boater and a few others he spoke to were at least 100' from the 150' buoy's. I don't understand why they were told they were too close. You'd think it would be as simple as not being within the bouy and the shore. Not according to this MPO. There was plenty of space between boats. No violations of the 25' rule. just another reason to bother people and confuse boaters who don't know the rules. it wasn't loud or rowdy or extremely busy like some days out there. Just seems like they are looking to make their presence known and bother people trying to enjoy one of the very few nice days of the year.
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