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As a "general rule" once the ice is set and has established a thickness of 12" or so you're likely going to be OK provided you're not the first person making tracks.... always like to let somebody else be "that guy".

Other areas to avoid... narrow pinch points between islands such as hole in the wall which does ice over but is NEVER safe - that can be misleading if snow covered. Any spot where there is an inflow or bridge crossing such as under the Long Island Bridge the inflows in Alton Bay under Rt 11 or the inflow from Mills Falls under Rt 3 in Meredith and the Weirs Beach channel just to name a few!

With snow coming and people starting to venture out on the lake it becomes clear what areas people are staying away from and for good reason. If you stay on well travelled routes you should be fine especially if you head out in the middle of the winter. Early and late in the ice season is where a lot of mistakes end up being made. Never hurts to stop and ask anyone ice fishing how thick the ice is as well, most fisherman are happy to tell you - and maybe a few whoppers about the big one that got away!
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