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Default ....... The famous foam noodle flotation belt!

....and that life saving flotation belt, enuf to keep you floating pretty good: just a $3 foam noodle, with a line threaded down through the long, center hole, and worn as a waist belt, underneath an outer coat will keep you floating, let you relax, gather your strength, and get up and out of the water .... up onto the ice ..... only to have you break through the ice again .... and again ... and again .... etcetera .... and again

Drowning in 34-degree water can actually happen in 30-60 seconds of panicked chaos, because the initial plunge into ice cold water can shock you cold ..... enuf to open your mouth and gasp big, and inhale enough water to mess you up in a relatively quiet, coughing and drowning fit ..... for lack of a noodle belt.
Down & out, livn that Walmart side of the lake!

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