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Are you sure that is accurate? The city is saying a short term rental has to meet the criteria for a hotel/motel? So when people are applying for variances they are applying for a hotel? Are you just assuming this or do you know this?

It doesn't seem to line up because the city is allowing short term rentals in only SFR and CR where as a hotel is allowed in a lot more zone than that. Also to get a variance, you would have to apply for your house to considered a hotel, so you would have to meet the dimensional requirement etc, like green space, parking. At that point, it would also allow you to get one room for every 1.5 parking spaces you can fit (higher density). So it is safe to say no one will ever get a variance for short term rentals. It would also mean that every town has the same current zoning as Laconia since every town most certainly has Hotel zoning and any town could take the same position as Laconia.

I would also point out that that means anyone renting in the SFR or CR is now considered a hotel and will have to meet the dimensional requirements and apply for a permit.

If this is what the city is saying a wish them the best of Luck when they take this up with a property owner who is attorney.

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