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Default To reinterate previous post

This has nothing to do with the state Meals and Rental tax.

The cities New rule is about zoning, and if short term rentals are a permitted use in the zone. Also the article does Not state a very important point. Short term rentals are allowed in the CR and SFR zones. So really this new rule is just to prevent short term rentals in the downtown area. It does not apply to most of the shore front and Weirs, since they are CR and SFR. So most vacation rentals are not effected.

I will also include a link to the tax map so people can see what is effected.

If I was a person who rented in an area that is currently now prohibited. I would be asking where that was written in the zoning that it is not allowed. I have not seen that yet and I couldn't find it but I didn't look very hard.
You can see the table here

The closest after a quick skim I can see is maybe "Bed and Breakfast" but I doubt it meets the criteria, but it would be a CUP not a Variance. My point is the zoning didn't have short term rentals as something that was or wasn't allowed.

So at some point I would imagine, someone will challenge this. Especially if they purchased a property and the zoning was one way and then all of a sudden it was another with no public input. To create new zoning rules doesn't the public get to vote or have a hearing? Beyond my knowledge.
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