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Originally Posted by Garcia View Post
An easy solution, in my opinion, is to make a distinction between a short term rental to offset costs and a business venture. Pick a reasonable number, say 30 days/year that allows property owners to rent out their homes for short term rentals. If a property owner exceeds that number of days, it would be considered a business and face different, stiffer regulations.

Regardless of the number of days the property is rented, collect the state and local rental tax. If you are renting through Airbnb or VRBO, this is very easy to do.

Like any other regulation there are ways people can work around or ignore the above suggestion and no law or regulation is perfect. This is a model that has worked well in other communities.
The question remains... how does the city/town know what days it was rented, and for how much? So the neighbors have to be eyes/ears of the city to make sure its not rented more than 30 days?

Not for nothing.. the burden should be on the property owner...

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