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Originally Posted by Biggd View Post
I agree but there has to be a better way that can appease everyone. Maybe limit the amount of time it can be rented to one week a month and no renting by the just a day or a weekend.
People renting their second homes out in resort areas has been going on forever but, now with internet rental being popular, a new way of policing this needs to be implemented. I don't agree with just making it illegal.
I don't think anyone has ever had a problem if the neighbors rented their house out once or twice a year for week to cover taxes. Like you said that has been going on forever. However, with the advent of websites like Airbnb & VRBO, these rentals have essentially become an unregulated and untaxed small business. That is a problem.

I am not sure how the issue can be resolved, unless you restrict it to areas zoned a certain way.

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