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Originally Posted by Woodsy View Post

The resort areas in Laconia are zoned as such. Most of the Weirs is zoned Commercial Resort. Weekly rentals should absolutely be allowed in this zone. As long as the HOA rules allow for it.

Residential zoned property is a different animal entirely. What happens when somebody comes out with an app and the guy next door decides to switch from weekly rental to hourly?

People who own property in a residentially zoned neighborhood have a reasonable expectation that the guy next door cannot turn his property into a no tell motel.

Never mind the 9% room tax the state isn't getting.

Here is a link to the zoning map...

I understand what you're saying and I can understand what's happening. Things change fast on the information highway. I just think there could be a better way of policing these issues. With the amount of money people pay in taxes in Laconia it's perfectly understandable if they rent their place out some weeks to help pay the tax burden.
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