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Originally Posted by Major View Post
If you live in a zoned residential area, you cannot rent your house on a short term basis without a variance or by changing the zoning. In the past, the City chose not to enforce the zoning laws. With the advent of internet short term rental sites, the issue is now at the City level, and now they are enforcing the zoning laws. I agree with Woodsy. I would not expect while living in a zoned residential neighborhood to have weekly rentals next to my home.

The enforcement of the zoning laws has nothing to do with the evaporation of the Live Free or Die mentality of our great State. Our State's moto has been undergoing a slow death (no pun intended) over the past decade or so. Growth of government and the insatiable desire for the almighty tax dollar have done more to change our mindset away from the Live Free or Die mentality.
My house is in Meredith. Sorry to say but, if I owned property in Laconia it would be up for sale.
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