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Not to hijack this thread (and I also hope the restaurant does well) we all have a choice where to shop and dine. It also comes down to the short season and the amount that a business needs to charge to remain viable. With Gunstock located nearby maybe that additional traffic will help them to grow and prosper.

As we get older (and I think that happens to everyone) we have to adjust our thinking to new technology and new prices. For some people that seems harder than it does for others. Most prices seem to increase every year (except televisions). That is one item that the longer you wait the better it gets, as the price gets lower.

When I was in high school I worked for two summers at a Dairy Queen. The first year the cones were 15 cents, 20 cents, and 25 cents for a large cone. At the start of the second year the owner told me he was going to charge 30 cents for the large cone. I told him that no one would pay 30 cents for an ice cream cone. How wrong I was! Many years later I am still adjusting my thinking!
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