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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
Another reason why I left Long Bay. I am very familiar with 7 Rose Point as I was just around the corner. Those condos, along with the condo next door to my single family home have seen short term rentals for many years and from first hand ID I can tell you there were no issue I have seen.

This is again the sub HOA's within Long Bay and the city council overreaching their boundaries that continue to hamstring homeowners. Long Bay, Southdown and all the sub HOA's rule and regulation you to death. Yes HOA's need rules but they always take it a set too far which is again why I left. I am now in a different HOA that is much more reasonable with its rules.
I've lived full time in Long Bay for 10 years and prior to that in South Down part time for 7 years. I am against renting in Long Bay, especially on a weekly basis. My feeling is that if you can't afford a second home without renting on a weekly basis, you shouldn't own. Historically, renting was allowed to enable those who can't afford a second home to afford one. However, now that South Down and Long Bay are nearly fully developed, that need does not exist. There seems to be an ample amount of people who can afford second homes. Weekly rentals should not be allowed in a residential environment.

My wife and I use the Long Bay beach often, and we can definitely tell who are renters. 75% are decent and nice, and the remaining 25% are somewhat obnoxious. I would prefer not having to put up with the 25% at all.

My experience with the Long Bay and South Down rules and regulations have been minimal. I don't think they over manage, but we have a tendency to stay in our lane.
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