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Along the un-named passage between Bear Island and Meredith Neck, from Pine Island to Horse Island, the ice has already froze up, and thawed out, in the last 7-days ..... there was ice-in .... there was ice-out.

Last Friday a number of big construction barges settled in at Lovejoy Sands town docks for the duration with ice-in happening at that time. Now, six days later, all that big mass of ice is open water, and there's a couple motorboats out and about.

Have yet to see any barges back out, but one thing is for sure, making money is a big, big motivator ...... to get back to the job ..... out there.

It looks like maybe the Island Service Co done got a new, used propeller driven aluminum jon boat, air boat for traveling over the frozen lake. This one is a little smaller, has a Sunbrella, all around enclosure, and the huge v8 engine actually has two exhausts with mufflers to make it less unbelievably noisy. The whole danged lake, ice and everything, would shake with the last year's old, super noisy, ice boat.
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