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My wife and I dropped in on Friday, Dec 14th, for lunch, and both ordered a Create Your Own Pasta. I had angel hair + cajun alfredo sauce, with a sausage added; she had ziti + spicy tomato sauce, with 2 or 3 veggies added. Both were served piping hot (serious steam rising) in perfect-sized portions, and both were really good! I had gone in intending to compare their alfredo sauce to that of Lake Side Pizza (used to be called Lake Side Roast Beef; across from Dunkin Donuts in Laconia), which I'd recently discovered was also very good. Faro Express's version was even better (the cajun helped), and it was also nice to be able to eat it in a nice atmosphere (which helped a LOT).

Speaking of which, they've done a nice job transforming the old Pizza Hut. When you walk in the same old door, you're faced with a wall and a hallway extending to the right, where you find the actual door on the left. This arrangement will prevent drafts in winter, and serve as a waiting area for lines that could form in the summer. Inside you take a left and come to their menu wall (also have the paper menu I posted above, if you'd prefer to sit down and relax while deciding), and a long copper counter right in front of a "line cooking area," with all new prep. fixtures, including a large gas stove and dozens (50+?) of large saute pans hanging above. The cooks take your order, and then prepare it right in front of you, if you want to actually wait/stand and watch (no seats here). Most would probably pay (to the right), get drinks (bottled or a self-serve soda fountain), and take a seat, where they'll bring the food to you.

Besides regular tables (easily-rearrangable 2's and 4's, plus one large one), there is also an L-shaped counter, separating the dining room from the cooking area, and one step up from both, with smart-phone charging cords (both styles) already hanging from in-wall connectors in front of almost every stool - a seriously nice touch!

We plan to go back very soon.
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