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Originally Posted by CaptT820 View Post
I am curious (and a bit jealous) about your setup, to be able to access an island this late in the season.
I assume you have a permanent dock on the island, but how to you keep the mainland ice free this late? I launch out of West Alton to get to our island and they were frozen solid three weeks ago.

No permanent dock, I have a seasonal dock that I typically pull mid to late September. From there it's a matter of scrapping for a parking spot. My neighbors have a crank up setups so they pull theirs up pretty late. It's a trade off they usually use mine in the spring cause I get mine in first, at least enough sections to tie the boat up to. This time of year everyone has their docks out so I just park at the BI post office dock and hike in from there.

Far as on the mainland.... the launch at Sheps was wide open and that's pretty typical even in the winter. Several of the island service crews leave their barges in the water there over the winter. The nice thing about this time of year, plenty of parking and no waiting to pop the boat in or out of the water.

Next trip out will be over the ice pending reliable conditions. Crossing my fingers it may be some time in early to mid January. We shall see!
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