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Originally Posted by fatlazyless View Post
Winter activities according to their Castle website now include cross country skiing, snow shoeing, hiking, and SNOWMOBILING with the recent re-opening of Sno-mo Corridor-15 from M-boro.

No mention on fat tire pedal bicycles,, (see description at bottom: About Fat Bike) you know those mountain bikes with the four inch wide tires that actually go good on packed snow? Works just like a regular pedal bicycle ..... pedal uphill, pedal level, and coast downhill. The US Forest Service gave the big green light to fat tire bikes on their multiple use trails in the WMNF which exclude motorized sno-mos.

Snowmobiles with their 50-mph speed, exhaust fumes, and big noise make it unsafe when it comes to sharing a trail with non-motorized trail users ...... not a safe situation. Plus, there's still some very stinky 2-stroke sno-mos still in use .... they exhaust out burnt 2-stroke oil .....way more smelly than the 4-strokes .... and way more noisy.

Fat tire bikes include physical exercise and do not require insurance, registration, gasoline, and a trailer attached to your car ..... just a bicycle helmet is needed ... and you will be a better person when you pedal up the mountain to get to the weekend winter brunch at The Castle to enjoy your $15 Portobello Cabrese ..... so yummy in the tummy ...... yum!

"Opening the snowmobile trail to the Carraige House from Corridor 15 in Moultonborough will allow riders from all over the state to enjoy a great lunch while surrounded by stunning views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding mountains."

Good way to grind away that big fat gut, is by pedaling a fat bike up and down the snowy trails! ..... FLL .... ho-ho-ho!
I don't know of a single case of someone who was injured while cross country skiing, snowshoeing or hiking on a snowmobile trail. Mostly they appreciate the effort of the the clubs that keep them groomed and available for anyone to use and enjoy.
I don't think that snowmobiles stink any worse than some of the old vehicles that you drive.
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