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Originally Posted by joey2665 View Post
It should be an even playing field. If patrons staying at a motel/hotel short term must pay the 9% occupancy tax then so should patrons of short term rentals of all kinds no matter if it is through a broker, website of advertisement. People renting their vacation homes should not have an upper hand over a business that has invested in their property and community as an on going concern.
I go through Bayside Rentals for any rental activity and they handle all of this for me. Pay the tax. Keep the noise level low.

If I pay my tax, but the neighbors complain about noise, should I be disallowed from renting?

An ongoing behavioral problem at a rental property, after the police have dealt with the occupants, and got no satisfaction, should become the landlord's problem. The neighbors then file a negligent landlord complaint against the landlord. Problem in San Francisco is that rent control limits what a landlord can do about behavioral problems. And this is a City with some real behavioral problems.
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