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Originally Posted by CaptT820 View Post
According to folks at West Alton, the marina basin was iced in on November 17th, 2018. It has probably lost most if not all of that ice by now, but it did already freeze. Much to my chagrin, since I wanted to launch that day. [emoji35]

I was at Minge Cove yesterday and it was still iced in. Ice was 2 thick in the marina (it was melting a little though). The channel was mostly clear.

I was the last boat still in the water there and it was not an easy task to get out of the marina. Flat battery, frozen bilge pump and I now know what piloting an icebreaker is like.

Not my best idea and Ill never leave it so late to close again. Lifting a dock when the decking is frozen to the frame is no fun and the steep rattlesnake ramp is especially fun when covered in snow and ice.

Definitely a memorable end to the season.

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