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Riviera, you are correct. I thought it was for a variance, not a special exception.

It would appear that if the applicant is successful the conditions that the ZBA might attach could make it impossible to use the island for a camp anyway. It seems that the conditions can be applied at the discretion of the ZBA and could be very restrictive.

In granting a special exception, the Zoning Board of Adjustment may attach conditions as it deems necessary to assure compliance with the purposes of this chapter. Such conditions may include but are not limited to the following:
Increasing the lot size or setback area dimensions.
Limiting the lot coverage or building height.
Specifying the location and limiting the number of vehicular access points to the property.
Requiring additional on-site parking or loading spaces.
Requiring additional landscaping and screening.
Limiting the number of occupants of a building, and the methods and times of operation of a use.
Restricting the number, size and illumination of signs.(h)
Modification of the exterior appearance of a building.
Providing for specific locations or layout of facilities on the property
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