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As far as I found out, looking at all the Winnipesaukee islands, only Big Island and Christmas Island, both in Paugus Bay, Laconia have underground utility service with water, sewer, electricity, and fiber optic.

While Christmas Island, also or previously known as Plummer Island, is a bridged island with automobile use that is so close to the Laconia main land that it is almost on the main land, none of the larger bridged, automobile access islands, Black Cat, Long, or Governors have community water and sewer.

So, 2.2-acre Big Island and a 1950-constructed seasonal home were purchased in 2012 for $725,000 and supposedly about $two-mil has been spent, total, including the purchase price and water/sewer/electricity/fiber optic installation and legal/professional fees. So, is this the end for the proposed Camp 'Big Island', an island summer girl's camp plus conference center located on Paugus Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee in Laconia, NH?

So, what happens next ...... does it get sold directly to the developer of Christmas Island for similar townhouse development, or does it get listed in the local real estate market or what? Maybe a very nice single family, 2.2-acre island home is constructed that gets infrequent use by its' out-of-state owner ....... who knows? ... what the heck happens next?
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