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one issue that does come to mind is that if it being a camp, although I like the idea, I am not a fan of a conferenece center. Also the camp would be a lot of extra traffic to a very busy area on the lake, being across from it, I am just thinking now of all the paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, swimming groups and other water activites, that could increase danger, still there are markers all around the islands due to rocks.

I dunno jury is out for me, I am more curious about the end game if the camp does not sustain, on the other hand you could have 7 new properties with 7 new docks and more boating traffic, and the water is very shallow on the Weirs BLVD side so how far will docks be out into the water on that side.
and the SDS side narrow and shallow in spots so having to extend docks out would really cut down the traffic on that side of the island (possibly making a case for a no wake zone), forcing it to the other side and making an already busy boating lane even more

My question is the properly dividable, yes there is room for buildable lots, but is the subdivision already approved from the town? does it have to be? and can the town hold it to just 1-3 lots?

This is a tough call for sure.
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