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I really appreciate you bringing this to my attention and also in a public forum in case this happened to anyone else this past summer.
For these instances I apologize.
This Summer was a huge transition for all of us here as we brought in several new menu items and upgraded many of the existing items.
I bet you are referring to our Sea Scallops or possibly our Haddock. I take full responsibility and I assure you it has been worked out and EVERYONE is on the same page.
Please give us another try. We aren't offering any Seafood this Winter, but come Spring we will be using the freshest and best quality fish like we did last year....and a very generous portion.

Originally Posted by coolyourjets View Post
To the new owners of Flurries:

I'll start by saying that I do like your food. Burgers are outstanding. I will return regularly for burgers, ice cream and several other items. But, I do want to add that value is a big part of a meal for many people. My issue with Flurries management is that they need to remember that a measurement such as a pint is a measure of volume, not quantity. On two occasions I ordered a pint of one type of seafood and a half pint of another type and they were basically the same amount of food. On the second occasion, I questioned the difference. Someone in the back (not one of the kids at the counter) told me that the item I had ordered a pint of was more expensive than the other and they portioned a pint of this by count. It's fine if you want to do this but then you should sell the item by count and let people decide for themselves if that number is worth the price. That said, keep the burgers coming!!!
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