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Originally Posted by WeirsGurl View Post
Unfortunately, he is 80 years old, and can be a little, ummmm, forgetful, LOL! So, we play it safe and unplug everything when we arrive. Can you imagine thinking it's ok to have sound on while we are all sitting there conversing (right next to that camera)?????? I don't even feel safe calling him on the phone while he is there, as he only uses speaker phone on his cell. Can't do nuthin' but shake our damn heads! Ha Ha!
Wendy, no worries, you will find that most boaters are very social and enjoy good conversation.

Would you accept a list of subjects we would like you to discuss while you are at the house? And, since a picture is worth a thousand words, would you mind turning he camera around so it faces into the house? ( I mean, we already have a camera at the Weirs but it would be interesting to know what is going on at your house)
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